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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tips and tricks for Linksys WAP54G

If you feel your Linksys WAP54G is not strong enough for transmit the signal, I have an experience to solve it. These are the steps:
1. Backup your setting.
2. Find the newer firmware (which can customize your transmit power).
3. Upgrade your firmware by these following steps:
a. Open the Access Point’s Web-based Utility.
b. Click the Administration tab.
c. Click the Upgrade Firmware tab.
d. On the Firmware Upgrade screen, enter the location of the firmware upgrade file in the field provided, or click the Browse button to find the file.
e. Click the Upgrade button, and follow the on-screen instructions.
4. If it is already successful then go to you wireless advance setting
5. Customize your transmit power.
6. Now your Linksys WAP54G will be more powerful

- It’s not a good idea to upgrade your firmware if your warranty already past.
- Before you upgrade your firmware, make sure that firmware is suitable for Linksys WAP54 G, otherwise your Linksys WAP54G can be broken
- This trick can also be used for another Access Point


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